Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Episode #164 Staying at home and Escape Rooms

In today's episode we talk about Escape Rooms and how to experience them while staying at home during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis

We have several special guests with us this episode, Alex S., Erin O., and Justin R.

We talked about a lot while recording this episode, so below are several links to the companies and items we discussed:

The Escape Game has several options during this shutdown, such as two digital games called Unlocked, special online Field Trips, a board game based on the Prison Break Escape Game, and the Monthly Mystery.

Trapped Puzzle Rooms have their Mystery Night Box, which is a physical box that you would pick up at a location, and return after playing; and they also have 2 Audio Escape Adventures which you play with your team over discord.

We hope you're all staying safe, and finding ways to enjoy yourselves in this strange time, and we want to hear how you're all dealing with quarantine.

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