Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Episode #169 WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

In today's episode we talk about the projects and hobbies that are sustaining us as lock down continues

Aaron has been working on various projects around his home while off work due to Covid-19, and would like to share the following photos of before and after some of them:

We hope that you're finding time for your hobbies, or starting new projects in your own lives. Please share your projects with us! Send photos or a link to a blog at fans@travelbyproxy.com

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Episode #168 Date night in partial isolation

In today's episode we talk about ways to make date night with your live-in significant other special during this time of partial lock down

We'll be picking this topic back up next week, but as mentioned in the episode: check out the links below

Bon Appetit "Improved Box Macaroni & Cheese" video. Carla makes the popcorn that we talked about starting at the 13:00 mark, but you really should watch the whole video.

As for the photo comparing Jaskier and the Rooster bard from the animated Robin Hood:

Have a great week, be safe, and let us know what you're doing to keep entertained while partial lock down is winding down.

Photo credit to the original creators. We're just posting it as found.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Episode #167 Life in partial isolation

Aka: the sweatpants and comics conversation

In today's episode we talk about life in Corona times
We'll also get into how Aaron feels about wearing sweatpants in public, and our favorite childhood comics
We also taste some Irish Whisky and a weird concoction that Andrea doesn't really like

We hope you enjoyed this episode, and that you're all doing well in your own partial isolation.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Episode #166 In Memorial

In today's episode we talk about places we have lost during the Covid-19 lockdown
We'll also get into places that are adapting to survive in these crazy times

We're obviously not able to bring y'all our normal type of content during this time of lockdown and social distancing. But we wanted to talk about places that we will never be able to go to again.

Stay safe, and let us know if you have anything you want us to cover or want to discuss any place that you loved that is shutting down due to this crisis. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Episode #165 Social Distance Social Episode

In today's episode we talk about what we're doing during quarantine 2020

We're all finding ways to keep our minds occupied during this time, and for The Best Mayhem it has been a lot of World of Warcraft, some Whiskey, Wine, and lots of water. Aaron has been building things and gaming in COD:Warzone.

Below are some photos of Andrea's special mount in WoW, and Aaron's garage projects. Please enjoy, and share with us what you've been doing to keep your mind occupied in this time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Episode #164 Staying at home and Escape Rooms

In today's episode we talk about Escape Rooms and how to experience them while staying at home during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis

We have several special guests with us this episode, Alex S., Erin O., and Justin R.

We talked about a lot while recording this episode, so below are several links to the companies and items we discussed:

The Escape Game has several options during this shutdown, such as two digital games called Unlocked, special online Field Trips, a board game based on the Prison Break Escape Game, and the Monthly Mystery.

Trapped Puzzle Rooms have their Mystery Night Box, which is a physical box that you would pick up at a location, and return after playing; and they also have 2 Audio Escape Adventures which you play with your team over discord.

We hope you're all staying safe, and finding ways to enjoy yourselves in this strange time, and we want to hear how you're all dealing with quarantine.

Please leave us a comment on our Facebook Page, or send us an email to fans@travelbyproxy.com

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Episode #163 The Dubliner

In today's episode we talk about The Dubliner in Saint Paul, MN
Taste some Whiskeys
Finally, we discuss some history of the oral tradition

This is the last of the places we visited at the end of February on our impromptu brewery crawl. While this is not a brewery, it is a great place to visit and enjoy (in more normal times) good food and drinks, Irish dancing, live music, and Pub Sings.

The Dubliner remains closed while the stay at home order was extended to May 4th here in MN, and we're hoping that they can re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.

We hope you're all doing well in this trying time of quarantine, and that you're doing your part in staying put and limiting your interaction with others. Stay safe everyone, we're all in this together.