Friday, March 11, 2022

Episode #147 Tin Whiskers and Gift Exchange!

Episode #147 Tin Whiskers and Gift Exchange!

In today's episode we talk about Tin Whiskers brewing in Saint Paul, MN. (Tin Whiskers is now closed)
We'll taste several brews from their taproom and a Mint Patties Double Stout in our studio
Finally, we engage in a spirited non-denominational exchange of gifts.

We tasted the Mint Patties Double Stout in studio for this episode, and while Aaron didn't ultimately enjoy the whole experience, we want you to know that it was pleasant at first for him.

With our intrepid guest Kelsey, we continued our tour of breweries and taprooms in Saint Paul, and while at Tin Whiskers, Andrea tasted the monthly Bot IPA release (Cash Bot), Kelsey tasted the Orange Dream State, and Aaron tasted a version of the Parsec Porter which had added coffee flavor and was a nitro (HE LIKED IT!!!!), and also tasted the Nut Goodie Porter, which he didn't enjoy as much. While at Tin Whiskers we ordered pizza from the downtown Saint Paul location of Black Sheep.

Andrea and Aaron were both amazed that they both gifted each other a drinking vessel and a journal to write in. Photos of these wonderful items are below:

The top photo is the pocket journal and Zelda mug that Andrea gave to Aaron, the bottom photo is the "My Adventure Book" and cactus tumbler that Aaron gave to Andrea.

Thank you all so much for listening over this past year, we thank you for letting us into your lives as we continue to eat and drink our way through the country via your favorite podcast apps. We wish you the happiest of whatever holiday you may celebrate, and hope that you're happy and safe as we come to the end of 2019