Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Episode #142 3rd Act Brewing

In today's episode we talk about 3rd Act Brewing
Taste a Berliner Weisse from 3rd Act
Finally, we discuss the history of 3rd Act Brewing

While Andrea really enjoys the Berliner Weisse, while Aaron found it didn't mesh with his own palette, as many of the beers that he tastes do.

The Wiki for the Berliner Weisse is not super long, but is an interesting read.

3rd Act Brewing  is located in Woodbury, MN, and has a beautiful taproom there, you can find more about their list of available brews and menu options here.

The Randall (officially known as Randall the Enamel Animal) is an interesting device, and we're sure it will come up again in future episodes. It was indeed originated by Dogfish Head Brewing, we do enjoy when we're right about things.

We're really excited to share our thoughts from our Saint Paul Brewery Crawl starting in a few episodes, so stay tuned for that!

Also, you just have to check out the little hype train that VW is making for their concept elecric vehicles, including the BUZZ that Andrea so adores.

And seriously check out the video of the Solar Powered yacht mansionthat Aaron was talking about.

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