Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Episode #134 The Little Oven

In today's episode we talk about The Little Oven in Saint Paul, MN
Discuss take home deals from restaurants
Finally, we taste a Surly Furious, because nothing tastes better with pizza than beer*!

Aaron has eaten at, and enjoyed The Little Oven several times, and it is a wonderful place to have a meal with friends and family. Bring cash, or use the on-site ATM, or even bring your checkbook; but don't expect to pay with a card here. Try the wonderful pasta and pizza, just make sure you're prepared to bring at least another meal's worth home as left overs.

Surly makes many fine beers, and Andrea loves most of them. We're still scouting for another brew that Aaron will like, but today we didn't find one.

Also, for those of you interested in the hack for heating left over pizza, take a look here for some further info.

We really enjoyed making this episode, and would love to hear from you, please drop us a line at fans@travelbyproy.com

*This is Andrea's opinion, and is not shared by all hosts of Travel by Proxy.

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