Friday, June 12, 2020

Episode #171 Do you want to play a game?

In today's episode we talk about Union 32, and a lot of random things

Sorry for how late the episode was this week. As Aaron mentioned in the intro, between going back to work unexpectedly, and having to deal with the theft of a catalytic converter on the day he usually edits the episode; this has been a week with little time to get podcast items done.

We hope you are all well, and being safe, and we hope that we as a people can move forward and overcome the obstacles that we're facing. Be well everyone.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Episode #170 The Social Distancing Social Half-Hour of Socialness. Social. 

In today's episode we talk about our lives in lock down
We'll also get into making pizza from scratch
Finally, we taste a Keepsake Cider and a Fair State Co-op Heckin' Chonker

Per Andrea's request, here is the link to the pizza dough recipe that Aaron has been using. The only recommendation we have for you is to use a pizza stone when baking, use low moisture mozzarella and fresh toppings that you enjoy (Aaron has been using pre-sliced pepperoni for the most part, but every now and again he's been using fresh salami or soppressata). Feel free to experiment with fresh veggies and meats on your own pizza.

Also, if you want to make your own pizza at home, you can check out the series Making Perfect on the Bon Appetit YouTube channel. The link goes to the first in a 7 episode series on making the "perfect" pizza. Aaron doesn't completely agree with everything that they conclude in the show, but it's a great primer on making a great pizza from scratch.

If you're looking to make your own pasta and pasta sauces from scratch, I recommend you start with Basics with Babish, as he has a great set of primers on many topics, but Aaron uses the sauces and pasta episodes as references when making food.

Check out for recipes and just to drool over all the food you can imagine.

As with our very early episode on pizza, we'll send you to check out to see if they're near you (this is the business that Aaron grew up in, and where he worked for 7 seasons).

Here is the recipe for the Ghost Pepper Glaze that Andrea sent to Aaron during the recording.

Completely aside from the normal notes on the episode, we want everyone to know that we hope you're safe. This year just keeps getting worse, and the issues coming up from the death of George Floyd aren't new. We want the healing of our nation and our world to begin, and we know that nothing will bring the victims back; but for those of us that are left, we just want to see real and actionable change to occur and justice to be served.