Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Episode #158 Bang Brewing

In today's episode we explore Bang Brewing in Saint Paul, MN 
Taste a few of their beers
And learn about their commitment to sustainable brewing

We wanted to share the photo that Andrea took of the mounted comparison of the Kernza plant next to a more common Wheat stalk:

The articles we mentioned aren't the only reading on the topic, but there are plentiful links available within them:

National Geographic article (may require signing in or providing an email address)

Star Tribune article that we also discussed

The Land Institute website with other resources to learn about Kernza

More from The Land Institute about beer being brewed from Kernza

We really enjoyed our time at Bang Brewing, and we think you should head over for a visit if you have the opportunity.

Please let us know if we were wrong about anything we were discussing, send us a message at fans@travelbyproxy.com and help us learn more about the topics we cover!

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