Thursday, November 28, 2019

Episode #143 Tongue in Cheek

In today's episode we talk about Tongue in Cheek in Saint Paul, MN
We taste another hard seltzer from Fulton
Finally, we discuss the concept behind Tongue in Cheek, and what makes it special to us

The Photo attached is all rights reserved to Tongue in Cheek, and is included in their google photos.

We really do suggest you go to Tongue in Cheek, and if not in an area that you can get to this specific restaurant, you should find something in your local area that is similar, as the meal can be an experience in and of itself. Aaron and his wife really enjoyed their trip to Tongue in Cheek, and plan to go back again soon, and any place you can find with a similar mission will be well worth the time and expense for a nice night out.

Also, if you all have suggestions for a Brunch tour in the Twin Cities, or any locale close to you, let us know, we need more places to go to and experience for you, and give our reactions to.

We haven't taken any photos of the new PC yet, as we're waiting for the desk to be completed, and we're really excited for that to come to be.

We really appreciate you all, and hope you have a great Thanksgiving, and we really are looking forward to completing our first year as a podcast!

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