Monday, August 19, 2019

Episode #129 Keepsake Cidery

In today's episode we explore Keepsake Cidery
Taste their delicious Cider
Finally, we learn about the difference between Pitching and Wild yeast

The official term for a person who makes cider is Cidermaker. There seems to be some discussion about the term, but Cidermaker seems to be the most agreed upon term. So Andrea and Aaron were both wrong in the episode.

As to back sweetening a cider, has a great write up you can check out here.

There are a variety of resources to learn about ways to use yeast to ferment pretty much anything you want, the best starters we've found are beer and brewings dictionary entry for Pitching yeast, winemakermag has an article on Wild yeast that we also found very enlightening.

Thank you all so much for listening, and we hope you enjoyed our detour about meat and meat replacements. 

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